Originality Checker

Why Would You Need an Originality Checker?

original authorPlagiarism is when you use other peoples words or ideas and try to pass them off as your own. While some people may do this blatantly in an attempt to have their writing appear better than it is, others may accidentally repeat what others have written just because they have read it recently. Other times we may simply fail to rewrite something that we intended to reword or because we have not made the citation to give credit where it was due. This is why many will use an originality checker to see if work is unique or not.

As Wilson Mizner said “If you steal from one author it’s plagiarism; if you steal from many it’s research”, we often use other people’s ideas and writing when we are doing our research. It is necessary to provide a background to our own work and to show its place and importance. But when we use those words it is required to give credit to the original author; failing to do so is plagiarism.

Being accused of plagiarism within academia will often get you removed from the course you are following and can give you a very poor reputation. In a professional role you could easily lose your job if it was shown that the writing you submit as your own is simply copied.

If you want to show your understanding of a subject and to persuade others of your ideas it is vital that you use original text of your own. Many tutors and others will utilize software to evaluate your writing to see if it is unique. So using our free originality checking software will help you to ensure that you submit work that is free from any form of plagiarism.

How Does Our Originality Check Free Tool for Plagiarism and Correct Grammar?

quick checkBy pasting your text into the space provided on our tool and completing the security challenge you will get our software to quickly check your work. Not only does it provide a quick check for plagiarism it will also provide you with an effective method for proofreading your writing. Our tool checks for spelling and grammatical issues as well as checking for any possible copying.

All issues that it detects will be highlighted and suggested changes will be offered to you allowing you to correct your writing so that it is error free. Any detected plagiarism can then be reworded to make it unique or you can make the correct citation to give the credit to the original writer.

How to Prevent Copied Text with Free Originality Checking

copied textThere are usually a few different ways that you will end up with copied text within your writing that will require plagiarism correction. Few people that are aware that copying should not be done will knowingly allow copied text within their work; the following are the usual reasons that our copy checker will highlight:

  • Copying large blocks of text into a paper to change later, and then forgetting to change it. Often we will find something that looks great for our work while doing research and will copy it where we want it. To avoid forgetting to go back to change it always copy it in a different color so that you know it still needs changing.
  • Not doing our paraphrasing well enough; when we paraphrase we will often fail to change the text enough to make it unique. Always remember that you are trying to repeat the meaning of the original and not simply going through a process of changing words or the order of the text.
  • Failing to cite a quotation or a paraphrased idea; sometimes we simply forget. A very good reason to utilize our originality check free to spot these otherwise avoidable errors.

Using our free tool will help you to spot any issues within your writing before you submit your work. This allows you to make any required changes to your wording or to add any citations that may be required.

Our free tool is highly accurate, free to use and will deliver you quick results in just a few seconds. There really is no reason to risk submitting work that may contain any form of plagiarism or other issues which could harm your reputation or cause your work to be rejected. Just use our services here today to ensure that your writing will be spot on.

Submit work that is unique and error free every time with the help of our online originality checker.